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Vice blog covers MFA DT alumnus Ramsey Nasser’s tweet bot project @555uHz

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Great article on the Vice blog about MFA DT alumnus Ramsey Nasser’s tweet bot project @555uHz–which was/is a script that posted sequential stills of everyone’s favorite 80’s film, Top Gun, every half hour. The project is now getting even more buzz since Top Gun copyright holder Paramont Pictures stepped in and demanded that the media be removed. As of now, some frames have been removed, though many remain.

“@555uhz totally started with the realization of ‘I could tweet a movie’ and not a whole lot more…My original intent was to tweet every frame, but that would have taken years. I wanted the ability to load in another movie once Top Gun finished within a reasonable amount of time. So, 1fps is the framerate that is slow enough to capture the entire movie, but fast enough to finish in less than a year,” says Nasser.

Vice holds the opinion:

@555uhz is an art project. No one is really watching this movie in any way approaching what Paramount’s definition of “watching a movie” could possibly be. It’s an experiment, a cool way of reframing how we think about watching movies (which is only good for movies). It’s one of those many situations in which it’d be nice to see a copyright owner just be an adult about something.

Read the full article here.

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