Haeri Han

  • Haeri Han

  • Whatever you see is correct.

  • Abstract, egocentric, impulsive and intuitive images.

  • The definition of art from my world is something that naturally comes out from one’s head or heart. Art should not be limited or specified by a meaning. However, I often struggled and thought that my artistic philosophy might be wrong because people often ask for meanings, and want narration behind the art. Recently, I am realizing that there is no correct answer. Whatever the viewers read or feel from the art is correct and that is the Art.
    Until a few months ago, Drawing and painting were the only techniques I used to create art pieces, but from the beginning of 2019, I found the amusement of graphic design. Therefore, I began creating the pieces combining both graphic and illustration.To be honest, I often get lost in the path of art. I am still not sure what I am doing. However, I am sure about that I sincerely love creating the art.

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