Seo Ryung Park

  • Seo Ryung Park

  • Alice: Korean & American culture

  • My Alice is a visual script with three main characters played by same person, Seo Ryung Park, myself. It is about a journey Seo takes to find her true identity as a better human-being, a Christian, a Korean immigrant, and as an artist.

  • Growing up as an immigrant, I always knew the value of tradition and culture, so for my thesis project, I created series of drawings, with colored-pencils, that presents both aspects from Korean and American culture. The project was originally motivated from “Alice in Wonderland” by Louis Carol, thus the adventure shown from each drawing is about my personal narrative about a journey to grow as an artist and a matured human-being throughout the four-years of college. There are six 18”x 44” main drawings, one intermezzo, and one epilogue. Each segment of drawing represents different take from dialogues and meanings.

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