Ching Lan

  • Ching Lan

  • Felted Honesty

  • A collection of felted objects.

  • For my thesis I asked myself “what makes art meaningful?” To me it meant that the artist was 100% honest with their audience. They would reveal their insecurities through art in the hopes of it creating a shared moment between strangers. In order for me to achieve this I had to ask myself, “what was I afraid to talk about?”; from there I compiled various themes to explore such as: anger, loss, and fear. I started free writing and recording my everyday experiences, which later became compiling those writings into poems. I lacked strength in poetry, which is why I chose it because it forced me to pay close attention to the message itself rather an essay of ramblings. Each sculpture related to its poem, so the largest one was a blue-felted character that portrayed a child while the other smaller sculptures acted as its toys.

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