Hazel J Ng

  • Hazel J Ng

  • 食唔食 EAT DON’T EAT

  • A visual memoir on growing up Chinese-American.

  • 食唔食 EAT DON’T EAT is a visual memoir/graphic novel documenting the conflicting experiences on growing up a child of Hong Kong Chinese immigrants. The narrative explores cultural alienation, both from American culture and Chinese culture, as well as exploring the complexities and nuances of culture beyond just “Chinese” or “Asian” through personal experience. The project was printed and hand-bound in physical book form, as well as documented on a microblogging website online.

    食唔食 (sik m sik) in Cantonese means ‘eat, don’t eat’ but ‘sik’ can also denote ‘know how to do something’ (識). Thus, ‘eat, don’t eat’ but also ‘know, don’t know’.

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