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  • What did Dino do when he was younger?

  • My 3D animal (reptile) toys allows people to play pretend, similar to playing with a dollhouse.

  • I’m interested in animals, my habit is to draw and design strong animals such as dinosaurs and black bears in a cute manner. I’m planning to create an animal that appeared in my dream: a dinosaur. My concept is 3D animal toys allows people to play pretend, like when they younger, similar like playing with a dollhouse. Therefore, I decided to create my imagination of a dinosaur due to my curiosity of strong animals. My title is ”What did Dino do when he was younger?” When people play with my dinosaur board, they become the character “Dino”, an innocent child who wants to explore the world through his imagination and curiosity.
    I was inspired to make this toy and story from my summer vacation. Here, I saw a black bear family at the National Rocky Mountain. After witnessing the mother bear protecting her cubs, I realized that animals are the same as human beings. The scene reminds me of how a mother protects her child
    from danger. As a child, my parents would advise as well as warn me about certain things in life. At that time, I couldn’t understand them, but as I grew up I learned to appreciate and value their advice. In my board, I created five scenes, two baby dinosaurs are curious about the jungle, even though their parents warned them not to go there. A hungry snake follows them home and brother dinosaur gets bitten. But their parents came to help them. The two children dinosaurs then understood why their parents advice.
    My concept design is divided into three parts. For the first part, I will make a zine that will illustrate the main scenes and details from my dinosaur story. The zine will help people to better understand my story. I will use illustrator and Photoshop for this concept. Secondly, I will create handmade plastic dinosaur family toys and a snake, as well as house and jungle objects. Finally, I will design one wooden board that can be folded into the packaging for my toy. On the board, there will be 2 scenes; the house scene is in the inside and the jungle scene on the outside. The dinosaur house scene will have a kitchen background, and some food such as fruits, and vegetables, the jungle scene will include a cave and some trees. I will use acrylic paint for my wooden board design and hinges to allow for the
    folding of its carrying case.

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