Amanda M. Franqui

  • Amanda M. Franqui

  • To Die For (Series)

  • Using the theme of Yami kawaii (cute mixed with dark themes) Illustrations and looping video uses satirical elements to paint a subversive portrait of suicide and depression.

  • Each illustration and video use satirical elements on depression, suicide, self-harm and etc. A piece of influence for this project was a short fake commercial in Tokyo Gore Police called Wrist Cutter G where girls would happily cut themselves. Being a person who had dealt with suicidal thoughts in the past and still deals with depression on a daily basis I wanted to confront this mental health issue that others had dealt or are still in the process of getting themselves help. Using a brighter aesthetic for my work I wanted it to be more inviting to the viewers to take in what is actually going on.

    Link to video sample.

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