Kenneth K. Christian

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  • Worst Case Scenario

  • Stop Motion Animation Film

  • Worst Case Scenario is a stop motion animation that represents how I feel on a daily basis. In exploring this medium, I have attempted to create a world in which the main character not only reflects my personal illustration style, but also can be a universal character that other viewers can relate to. The short film follows this character throughout his normal day as he envisions terrible events occurring right before his eyes, only to later realize that he is imagining all these terrible things which cause him extreme stress and anxiety. For example, he will watch a car mechanic fixing his car and imagines that his car crushes him to death, but in reality the mechanic is fine and unharmed. Using stop motion animation I was able to create my own world where the rules of physics do not need to make sense, because in an odd way, the worst case scenarios usually never make sense, either.

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