Annie Jim

  • Annie Jim

  • Nocturnal Emissions / Technosexual Fantasy

  • Series of pen-and-ink illustrations depicting fantastical worlds.

  • ​This series of illustrations plays with dual concepts such as the artificial vs. the organic, depicting two worlds in opposition of each other but sharing a collective consciousness towards the erotic, capitalist alienation and human advancement towards the hyperreal. The integration of simulations into our daily “real” experiences asks the questions: how does the landscape of sex and intimacy sublimate via simulated experiences? Do simulations and cultural conditioning precipitate their own demise? Imagine sex cyborgs
    rendering the human touch and body obsolete and developing the consciousness to recognize their own oppression and lack of bodily autonomy. How does technosexual desire manifest and will it subject us to further estrangement from our emotions? The opposing universe is one that merges sex symbols and paraphernalia back with nature to destigmatize sexual agency and expression as a practice of world-building.

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