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  • The Imposters

  • A multimedia narrative based project following the lives of three fraudulent antiheros.

  • The Imposters is a multimedia narrative driven project which tells the story of three fraudulent anti – heroes as they navigate the world through the grey areas of moral integrity driven by their survival instincts and personal desires.

    The project is designed so that the narrative can be told and understood through three different mediums. Music. Illustration. Text. All which hope to bring the viewer deeper into the world of the Imposters, only to realize it is not entirely unlike their own.

    The stories can be approached by the viewer in any order and can be experienced through whichever medium they are drawn to first. In fact, it is encouraged that viewers engage in multiple mediums simultaneously to truly understand their personas become immersed in their sagas. Each story is designed to be cyclical- starting and ending in the middle of a sentence. Dooming each character to repeat their narratives forever, trapped in the cycle of their own sins and survival measures.

    Inspired by the art of appropriation and the artistic condition of “thieving”, all the content, that constructs the narratives of the characters, has been created through the acts of appropriation, plagiarism and cultural sampling, forcing the creator to become like their own creation. Indeed, if the world of the Imposters seems entirely too familiar, it is because it is.

    To view episode 2 in its entirety and listen to the custom soundtrack please visit:

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