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  • Epulor

  • Epulor is an encyclopedia for a fictional world of the same name. On this planet, there are several species that are roughly based on the six food groups: fats and oils, diary, meats, vegetables, fruits, and grains. The book contains information about these inhabitants, such as their physical appearance, and their way of life. Each character plays a role in an overarching story about a world at war. Because these characters are associated with food, the story is a metaphor for how foods affect the human body, both negatively and positively. The main antagonists in the story are the Zahar. The Zahar are a group of sentient machines that aim to rebuild Epulor in their image. They plan to remove all that is natural from the world to create a planet that is entirely artificial. Allied with the Zahar are the Laktus. These are pale, obese humanoid creatures who are Epulor’s largest polluters. Together, the Zahar and the Laktus formed the Procession Forces. Fighting against them are the Omnem Alliance. These Epulorians joined together to protect the planet from environmental destruction. The Omnem Alliance is made up of the Kreas, the Veriads, and the Frespians. The Kreas are a group of beastly, muscular creatures who have a long history of animosity towards the Laktus. The Veriads and the Frespians are the protectors of the land and nature, making them the Procession Force’s primary target. The final group involved in the war are the Granu. The Granu take up the majority of Epulor’s population. While the Procession Forces and the Omnem Alliance fight in bloody battle, the Granu remain neutral and seek to create peace between all Epulorians.

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