Jesus Marquez

Fueling The Fire: Sneaker Culture

  • Jesus Marquez

  • Fueling The Fire: Sneaker Culture

  • A socioeconomic analysis on the sub culture of footwear.

  • My thesis is titled “Just Do It – For The Culture”. It is a visual analysis of the socioeconomic issues that occur within the sneaker community throughout the world. My work is compiled via a series of digital illustrations combined with photographs depicting both imagined and real – life events that incorporate a subset of categories including materialism, supply and demand, violence, and more.

    Some of these categories expand even further into negative situations such as robbery, murder, unfair labor conditions, etc. Utilizing my own personal experiences, my thesis is an attempt to bridge the gap between people socially unaware of the subculture and the effects it has on the general public. Accompanying text explains the context of each image as well as a larger analysis paper documenting the history of well known sportswear companies and events that occurred as a result of their procedures.

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