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Beautis Beasts & bebees

  • Jessica Bach

  • Beautis Beasts & bebees

  • I finally realized that it was truly beautiful to be unique and different.

  • The Beautis Beasts are a group of characters that were ostracized from society because of their unique appearances. Their large horns and big, beady eyes scared children and their parents. Their colorful, furry bodies made them stand out from the crowd and their silly smiles frightened the community around them. Eventually, the Beasts were forced to leave their lives with humans because they were consistently bullied. Instead of losing hope, they got together and searched for a place that was adaptive to their needs.

    The Beautis Beasts now live on an Island with their little friends called bebees. When they are together they become a beautiful and unique family.

    These characters are designed to allow children to understand that being different and unique is beautifully okay. Additionally, the plushies give children dolls to play with that do not correlate to specific gender identities or roles allowing them to create personalities for the dolls on their own. They give children a world where these characters are able to find beauty in the broken.

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