Jen E. E. Edwards

The Tieto Kirja

  • Jen E. E. Edwards

  • The Tieto Kirja

  • A guidebook to the world of the Dröm Farkost.

  • The world of the Dröm Farkost is a fantasy setting created around the idea of a race of people who live separately from Earth, yet are wholly responsible for our dreams. The main describes, in complete detail, every aspect of their society. From how portals work, to the responsibilities of each class of person, to their creation myth, as well as geography of their home world. Overlaying the text, there are handwritten notes from a character I created with her observations and notes of the text. The second book created was designed as a sketchbook. It is a further exploration of my character’s ideas and experiences as she navigates the final months before her graduation, and the months that follow. There is something strange and different going on, and Avis is involved more heavily than she ever thought possible.

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