Asaki Okamura

Damaged Surfaces

  • Asaki Okamura

  • Damaged Surfaces

  • Fragments of Society.

  • Growing up, I was often self-conscious about appearance and physique, and also knew acquaintances who had similar issues; some had even gone through extreme diets, anorexia, or even plastic surgery. Such realities helped develop an interest in the topic of body image and its effects on people; in a way, this curiosity has directly influenced the usual subject of my art, which is creature concepts. Thus, I thought it would be interesting to convey in elements of my art ideas and themes which inspire the work itself.

    Damaged Surfaces consists of a series of images depicting humanoid creatures with disturbing mutations. Symbolically, the deformities observe the way body image affects the health and minds of individuals negatively, influenced by standards established by culture, environment, and media.

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