The Light

Seul Lee

“The Light” is a web-based project that increases awareness of human rights in North Korea. The main vehicle of the project is a mixed media animation, employing a combination of traditional animation techniques, watercolor and 3D Maya composted in After Effects, all of which reveals how hope can bring brightness even to the darkest corners of oppressive North Korea. This will be on the website contains more information of North Korea’s sufferings, documentary videos, resources and take action such as support the non-profit organization that helps North Korea refugees.

The story of the animation concerns a North Korean girl who is imprisoned because she is caught listening to illegal radio broadcasts from South Korea and spreading her hopes and dreams of freedom and democracy, which inspires other friends to have hopes and dreams of freedom. In the end, she dies in prison because of being beaten, yet there remains light in the world, the hope referred to in the project title.

“The Light” is for an American audience, who has a general idea about North Korea, but who are not aware of the horrible circumstances in which North Koreans live and die.