101 Things that Unite and Divide…

Artist/Designer: Robyn Girard

Visual storytelling is an essential component of what it means to be part of the Deaf culture- without it; there would be no culture. A compilation of short films, “101 Things that Unite and Divide…” retains the importance of typography and motion as narrative tools for a powerful visual perspective. Exploring a purely visual world through the juxtaposition of visual language, Deaf culture and vivid imagery, “101 Things that Unite and Divide…” will reveal the unique life experiences of Deaf individuals. A journey through several narratives that portray different scales of emotions and interactions between the Deaf and hearing communities, this project will re-examine what it means to be culturally Deaf. The colorful characters that are present in each vignette explore wide-ranging moments of frustration, humor and bittersweet poignancy, while proving that the common experience we all share is humanity.

4th Wall

Artist/Designer: Simeon Poulin | Eric Chung

Players interact with the world of the story through a variety of technologies including the web and email interactions with characters. This invites the players to become characters within the story in order to foster a higher level of engagement.


78″ is a short movie inspired by 1999 bombing of Serbia . By using fictional character, viewers will experience how does life looks like in an imaginary city that is under constant bombardment, harsh economic sanctions and total isolation. My goal is to increase awareness and educate people about the lesser known aspects of corrupt global politics by placing viewers face to face with its direct consequences. My methodology is based on exploration and implementation of established and experimental film, as well as audio and video production techniques.

@Twitter – comment on problems caused by Twitter

Artist/Designer: Yahui Gu - Fiorella

@Twitter is a project commenting on the field of information overload, self-exposure and short attention span caused by using Twitter. The project consists of a series of objects and interventions that are meant to bring awareness to each of these issues in a playful and ironic way.

A Conversation about Death

Artist/Designer: Michelle Nahum Albright

A Conversation with Death provides an opportunity
to deepen a viewers’ understanding of the imprint that
death leaves on life.

Another Light

Artist/Designer: Nick Perez-Gurri

Another Light is a video installation addressing characters who explore dissident behavior using  online alter egos  in order to deal with the unwanted realities of their everyday lives. It is a duel channel piece that contrasts live action experimental video following a day in the life of one woman, with a highly stylized projected animated sequence that depicts the fantasy life of her online alter ego. The sequence is projected onto the wall of the space in order to simulate a shadow that reveals itself in a specific way that tells the story behind her behavior online.  Through a combination of narrative, interactive and sculptural techniques, the piece is a contemporary portrait of the complexities of identity, desire and escapism as explored via the internet.

Antagonistic Couture – Subverting the Male Gaze

Artist/Designer: Rupa DasGupta

Antagonistic Couture is a reaction to the migration of the manufactured male gaze of cinema and advertising into everyday life, into the daily interactions between men and women. My project is a manifestation of the antagonist female response to the objectification of the male gaze.  Through the use of subversive imagery printed on dresses, it seeks to challenge the male gaze in a variety of ways – by presenting the male heterosexual viewer with imagery that is threatening to the viewer’s masculinity or challenges their notion of what is appealing and what is alarming.  By also implementing real-time eye-tracking, the project poses the question to viewers of how their behaviors would differ if the surreptitious gaze employed in the public sphere was visible by others.

Augmented Shadow

Artist/Designer: Joon Moon

Augmented Shadow is a table with a display screen on the top surface. Users can manipulate a set of tangible cubes on the table. This device tracks the position and rotation of the cubes, and then generate a set of shadows as if these are casted from the cubes onto the table surface. The shadows are calculated and rendered under the realistic shadow casting principle, so users can experience an augmented reality. However the shape of the shadow is different than the real cube, and virtual things are happening in there, as if there’s an invisible world that is visible only with shadows. Users can interact with it, through the cubes, which is the connection between the real and the virtual.

B Aware

Artist/Designer: Jennie Tsai

B Aware is an animated PSA designed to raise Liver Cancer Awareness among Chinese-Americans because Liver Cancer is one of the top three causes of cancer deaths among these groups of people in the United States.  It is mainly addressed to the younger generation of the Chinese Americans who immigrated to the United States at a young age.  Many of these people are unaware of the damages it can bring to their health.  The PSA shows how Hepatitis B can be transmitted and early detection is recommended.


Artist/Designer: Jie Yun Roe

The accessibility of software and advanced technology has rendered obsolete, or at least greatly overshadowed, the analog tools and techniques from before the digital age. The vision of B-612 is to create a motion graphics narrative that reinforces the importance of analog or past technology to the group of audience that have been experiencing both analog and digital technology through their lives.

Blue Glass

Artist/Designer: Shir Raitses/Shir Raitses

Offering a different perspective on the typical “surf film”, Blue Glass deals with sensation and the method in which we experience our environments and actions through film.


Artist/Designer: Baxter Crabtree

Ritual and rites of passage reflect the importance of the community through the expression and reinforcement of shared values. Would a person have a greater understanding of a practice if they were able to interact in it’s social space? If a person were able to “play” through the ritual, learning the importance of the rite in a social and cultural setting, would they gain more appreciation for the diversity of belief in the world?