Artist/Designer: Paola Guimerans Sanchez | Contact: pguimerans@gmail.com

Project URL: http://www.talesofcontemporarysomnambulism.com/


A cartographical exploration of dreamscapes and the seas of sleep

This project is an imaginary world informed by the current use of technology to attempt to satisfy emotional needs. Using new skills to extend and enhance themes and strategies of my current practice, I will follow a method of creating portraits that illustrate situational symbols inspired by dream, fantasy and technological frustrations, to be integrated into a interactive mural installation that will allow me to question deeply the analog/virtual division of artistic practices. My artistic universe will emphasize emotions over technology, or despite technology


Paola Guimerans is an artist that is interested in exploring  new interactive means and also digital concepts based on her drawings narrative . Her artwork derives from investigations into an area between drawing, unconscious thoughts an fictional contemporary stories. She likes to portray fantastical scenes and hypothetical encounters that explore whimsical fantasies. Central to practice is the spirit of curiosity in technology, emotions and the new exploration of abstract and colorful shapes.

Recently, has been  exploring simple emerging techniques to create new electronic components embedded into the paper to enhance the narrative of her illustrations, but also new aesthetic alternative in order to motivate people’s interaction and to provoke audience experiences. For instance as people approach drawings of house blush.

Her artistic universe emphasizes emotion and also the possibility to reflect about philosophical issues related  reproducing the drawing many times but combining virtual/analog representations of the same image having her drawings presence also online.

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Documentation URL: http://a.parsons.edu/~guimp351/thesis/