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Traveling the world in my online class

Hong Kong by Daphne Lo

Danielle Letarte

New England by Danielle Letarte

This is my first semester teaching Process and Skills online. I have taught this class on campus for over three years. It has been challenging but interesting to rethink my course in this new context.

One very exciting aspect of my online class is the diversity of locations of the students and how it impacts the work we are doing as a group. Here is an example of a project produced on week 4 and 5. The assignment, a photo essay, is designed to develop observation and editing skills as well as visual story telling, using photography only.

Daphne Lo lives in Hong Kong, Danielle Letarte in New England. Both students chose to photograph their environment. It was beautiful to discover the diversity of their projects from my Brooklyn studio. The whole class was sensitive to the contrast of shapes, colors and light that was revealed in these works. It was striking to notice how inspiration springs from ones surroundings and how unique and refreshing the students responses were.

This experience made me realized what the online class could offer as opposed to the one on campus. I am planning to build on this notion of multiple location for future projects.

Jeanne Verdoux




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  1. Katarzyna Gruda,

    Thank you very much for sharing your experience and your students work with our community.