Alex W. White: Teaching again at Ludong University, China

I am two weeks into a three-week gig teaching two graphic design classes at Ludong University in Yantai, China. This is a return engagement for me, having taught three classes during the last two weeks of December to many of the same students.

These are selections from the first of the two exercises I assigned. Each student received one of the twelve Chinese zodiac signs and a Latin letterform as outline illustrator files. They had to combine them in a way that “respected” the essential parts of both elements and they had to bring some of the background white shapes into the foreground, making all three colors – black, red, and white – active participants in the viewer’s experience. As is my usual purpose, intentionality in design decision making is the real goal of the exercise.  The result is a lively, abstracted mark that combines East and West.

The second exercise applies this mark to an A3 poster. The poster features a 5×7 unit grid (5cm squares and 2.5mm margins), has primary and secondary type, and a requires a timeline that spans three-quarters of the poster’s width. Both exercises had a 10 day development period.