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TDC Workshop: Web Design for Print Designers: Typography Basics Using CSS

Web designer extraordinaire, Brian Miller, will be conducting a one-day workshop in web design for print designers using CSS (11 March 2011). For a full description, click here.


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  1. I would like to engage myself with this workshop as well and would be delighted to have a few more details as Isa does to. I am a web designer creating bespoke work. Please do spare a moment and look at my website as your comments are highly appreciated and would hopefully arrange a chance for me to come to your workshop 🙂 . Cheers. Web design London

  2. Charles Nix,

    It’s easy, Isa. Just follow the link in the post, or call the TDC at 212-633-8943.

  3. Isa Gouverneur,

    I really want to do this!, how is it possible?