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TDC Annual (#32) Competition Deadline Wednesday January 12th 2011

“I am a type snob!”…(and proud of it).
So there, I said it… better than “I’m a type nerd.”… Like its predecessors, the next TDC Annual (#32) will be the ultimate compendium of the most innovative, most outrageous, and most groundbreaking examples of how we express our global culture through letter-forms. For this year’s competition, the TDC has decided to award its first “Best in Show”, (a bit like electing a King – or Queen – of Typography)

Roberto de Vicq de Cumptich
Chairman Design Competition (TDC57)


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  1. Gorgeous bird / fish font!

  2. Ken Cutts,

    It’s a great idea for students in the AAS and undergraduate program to take part in on a regualr basis to advertise our talents! Spread the word.

  3. Emily Wardwell,

    Please remember to submit your work by the 12th (tomorrow). Let’s represent the amazing work of the Parsons AAS community in this year’s competition. Students, faculty and alumni alike. You can submit your work online this year so it is easier than ever!!! Cheers!!!