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TDC Workshop: Web Design for Print Designers: Typography Basics Using CSS

Web designer extraordinaire, Brian Miller, will be conducting a one-day workshop in web design for print designers using CSS (11 March 2011). For a full description, click here.

TDC Annual (#32) Competition Deadline Wednesday January 12th 2011

“I am a type snob!”…(and proud of it). So there, I said it… better than “I’m a type nerd.”… Like its predecessors, the next TDC Annual (#32) will be the ultimate compendium of the most innovative, most outrageous, and most groundbreaking examples of how we express our global culture through letter-forms. For this year’s competition, […]

Typophile Film Festival 5 Opening Titles

Question: Is it wrong of me to both love and hate a great piece of design? I mean, I’m a good person (I call my Mom regularly) and a pretty damn good designer (trained by Parsons finest, AAS ’07 ), but I gotta say when I see some design work that rocks, I hate it. […]