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TDC Workshop: Adobe InDesign: Typographic Fundamentals

Master typography in Adobe InDesign! Learn to understand and appreciate the many typographic tools in InDesign that enable you to set professional looking type. Taught by InDesign maven, Scott Citron.

TDC Workshop: Web Design for Print Designers: Typography Basics Using CSS

Web designer extraordinaire, Brian Miller, will be conducting a one-day workshop in web design for print designers using CSS (11 March 2011). For a full description, click here.

TDC Annual (#32) Competition Deadline Wednesday January 12th 2011

“I am a type snob!”…(and proud of it). So there, I said it… better than “I’m a type nerd.”… Like its predecessors, the next TDC Annual (#32) will be the ultimate compendium of the most innovative, most outrageous, and most groundbreaking examples of how we express our global culture through letter-forms. For this year’s competition, […]

February at the Type Directors Club

Workshops/Classes Kalligraphos: Experimental Calligraphy Yomar Augusto Fri: 26 Feb; 8:30am to Sat: 27 Feb; 6:00pm Kalligraphos is a two-day, experimental-calligraphy workshop at the TDC. Kalligraphos takes people away from the computer screen to explore the art of drawing letters by hand–as a means of improving technique, focusing creative energy, and stimulating personal graphic research. >> […]