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A Found Object

  This printer’s roll was found in the school’s Green Supply Center. The paper looks like it was discarded too. An illusion! The lines of flawed letters, streaks of dirt, and crumpled surface were all hand-drawn by graphic design student, Angela Choi. -Grace Burney, Drawing      


There have been articles written, a TED talk given, and a website founded, all to promote the doodle. Proof of an unfocused mind, doodles are usually found scrawled among students’ notes and on scraps of paper. In my drawing class, doodling is an assignment in the sketchbook. It is where the mind flows freely – […]

Parsons Festival * AAS Graphic Design

                                    The AAS Graphic Design program student work exhibition opening is tonight from 6:30–9 p.m. Come see the outstanding work presented as part of the Parsons Festival 2012. 206 West 16th St, 6th Floor Gallery The show will […]

New Student Web Design Competition

Senior Editor | Charles Nix Brian Miller, author of Above the Fold, has just launched a new web design competition (sponsored by HOW, Adobe, and Webdesign Tuts+). The entry fees are minimal, the judges are smart/talented, and the awards are pretty decent. Check it out at:

Parsons AAS GD / AID FOR AIDS International’s Holiday Card Design Student Competition. The 2011 winners

  Guest Contributor | Victoria Benatar   The AAS Graphic Design Program at Parsons partnered with AID FOR AIDS International to create a Holiday Card Design Student Competition. Of the 78 submissions from students at Parsons The New School for Design, the competition judges this week chose FIVE designs to adorn this season’s AID FOR […]

gd3 redesigns the train schedule: faculty christine moog

gd3 students were asked to redesign the MTA train schedule. they had to use all of the information on the current schedule and create a new, improved schedule. two examples are below: then, after creating a legible, functioning piece, they were asked to reinterpret the schedule with a post-modern twist. the result was exciting and […]

graphic design 2

The graphic design 2 course focuses on design as a visual narrative as well as on understanding how to create pieces that are finished-looking (aka production). Using the principles of design and layout, students solve selling problems by creating original concepts while exploring the use of typography, photography and illustration. This class is a studio […]

Teaching Color Theory: Kelli Glancey

Teaching Color Theory in the AAS Program is quite a rewarding experience. For six years now, I have sincerely enjoyed working with students from all majors, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Fashion Studies and Fashion Marketing, helping them to experience color theory and design concepts as fundamental elements of their work. Throughout the semester, students practice […]

Work from Publication Design—Book Cover course up in 11th floor of 2 West 13th St

Some of the best work from the Fall semester’s Publication Design: Book Cover course is on display on the 11th floor of the 2 W 13th st building. It will be up until Spring break, and is certainly worth the cramped elevator ride.

AAS Graphic Design Program is Featured in Mix Magazine

The enclosed spread was printed in the most recent (#17) issue of Mix Magazine, a top-quality design magazine published in London by Global Color Research, an international color consulting firm. This issue deals specifically with international trends, and this is what they say about us: “Each year, the AAS Graphic Design Program at Parsons The […]