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Typography 1: (more of) The Complete Font

A few more solutions from the Complete Font project. The designers: Anny Chen, Joseph Whang, Rachel Tervenski, Debra Ohayon, and Melissa Kaufmann.

Advanced Typography: A Typographic Logo

Students in my Advanced Typography class have been imagining a new typographic logo for the University of Alabama Press.


Alex W. White’s GD1 Exercise No.1 in 11th floor cases

  Alex W. White reports These are a few samples of the work my GD1 students produced in their first exercise. The assignment had two parts: abstracting a relatively ordinary, representational black and white image using materials that related to or furthered the meaning of the subject of the image. The second part was to […]

SUMMERZINE ∣ release of very first issue of seasonzine ∣ Christine Huang & Dwight Armstrong (AAS GD ’11)

Summerzine is the first issue of Christine Huang & Dwight Armstrong‘s Seasonzine series, a new quarterly publication dedicated to celebrating the seasons. Summerzine features summer-inspired stories, photographs, and illustrations from 40+ creators from New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Asheville, Austin, Detroit, Bangkok, Amsterdam, and beyond. All work is original content. These limited edition zines […]

“A World Without AIDS” – call for entries

  AAS Graphic Design Faculty & Students: This is a call for entries to design holiday cards. The theme is “A world without AIDS”. What you make will benefit AID FOR AIDS (AFAI). See digital poster below for all sorts of info about AFAI.   SPECIFICATIONS Overview Card is for the Holidays. It is NOT […]

Collor Theory Fall 2010 Faculty Kelli Ann Glancey

These are assignments samples from Color Theory courses taught by Kelly Ann Glancey. They represent work done by students from different majors as AAS General Studio Classes are opened to all.

Color Stories from the Parsons Block Party!

On Saturday May 21 Color Wheelz spent the day at the Parsons Block Party. We were inspired by the lovely art everyone made and their corresponding stories, which are posted below….take a listen! See all the recordings HERE ——————————————————————– Par_02 Par_03 alt : http://amt.parsons.edu/graphicdesign/?attachment_id=4706 ——————————————————————– Par_04 ——————————————————————– Par_11

GD Faculty Jeanne Verdoux illustrated today’s (Setember 14th) op-ed in The New York Timesne

The article is about Work – Based Immigration – A New Reform Solution

Mushon Zer-Aviv, GD Faculty: Bringing an open-source paradigm to interface design.

In his article posted here: www.smashingmagazine.com, faculty member Mushon Zer-Aviv takes a close look at the collaborative strengths of the open-source paradigm as it pertains to coders–juxtaposed with the, proprietary based, design practices implemented by most graphic interface designers today. How will the authorship role be played by future designers; how can we ascribe value […]