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Learning book binding online

Since last fall I have been developing and teaching a ‘Process and Skills’ online class for graphic designers. It has been an opportunity to reflect on my teaching practice and evolve with new educational digital tools. I have taught this class on campus for several years. The syllabus, created by Katarzyna  Gruda, is very hands […]


Contributor | Jeanne Verdoux I will be a jury member for this poster competition amongst an international panel of designers. This event will lead to online shows and exhibitions around the world.  Deadline : April 30, 2012 at midnight Send in your designs here: About the competition: In the midst of economic, social and climate […]

Process and Skills Course: Online or On-site, what is the difference?

It might seem surprising at first but there is no critical difference between the online and the on-site Process and Skills classes. Both classes follow a similar syllabus and students work on the same projects. Online Process and Skills class is an intensive hands on class where students learn essential graphic design skills through a […]

Occuppy Wall Street: Jeanne Verdoux’s Drawing

Artist, designer, graphic design teacher Jeanne Verdoux supports the protest.

Traveling the world in my online class

This is my first semester teaching Process and Skills online. I have taught this class on campus for over three years. It has been challenging but interesting to rethink my course in this new context. One very exciting aspect of my online class is the diversity of locations of the students and how it impacts […]

Faculty Jeannne Verdoux Illustration in the NYT April.08.2011

Jeanne Verdoux illustrated today’s New York Times Op-Ed ‘When blame isn’t enough’ by Olivia A. Golden. The article is about fixing ‘the marred child welfare system’.

Faculty Jeanne Verdoux comments in drawings

In the face of the Japanese disaster, this image came to my mind. Just wanted to share it. Jeanne

GD Faculty Jeanne Verdoux illustrated today’s (Setember 14th) op-ed in The New York Timesne

The article is about Work – Based Immigration – A New Reform Solution

GD Faculty Jeanne Verdoux’s illustration in today’s NYT

Please take at look at the page 26A in today’s (May 19th, 2010). Here is the link to Jeanne’s website: .

Faculty, Jeanne Verdoux in today’s NYT Book Review

Jeanne Verdoux has illustrated Lee Siegel’s essay about narcissism in today’s New York Times Book Review. The Art Director: Nicholas Blechman Link for the essay.