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Occuppy Wall Street: Jeanne Verdoux’s Drawing

Artist, designer, graphic design teacher Jeanne Verdoux supports the protest.

Faculty Jeannne Verdoux Illustration in the NYT April.08.2011

Jeanne Verdoux illustrated today’s New York Times Op-Ed ‘When blame isn’t enough’ by Olivia A. Golden. The article is about fixing ‘the marred child welfare system’.

Ed Nacional’s (GD ’10) published in this Sunday New York Times

Since graduating Ed Nacional has shown that it doesn’t take long to crank out some amazing work in the professional world. This past Sunday his illustration was featured on the opening page of the Week in Review section of the New York Times. Aside from his consistent work at the Times Ed’s personal projects are […]

GD Faculty Jeanne Verdoux’s illustration in today’s NYT

Please take at look at the page 26A in today’s (May 19th, 2010). Here is the link to Jeanne’s website: .

Interview with AAS GD faculty – Julia Gorton

Style, process, inspiration as well as teaching are all discussed in this interview by Chad W. Beckerman on his blog Mishaps and Adventures, dedicated to the process and exploration of children’s and young adult book design. Julia teaches Graphic Design 1 at the School of Art, Media and Technology, Chad is the Art Director at […]

Faculty, Jeanne Verdoux, NYT Op-Ed 12.08.09

Jeanne Verdoux illustration was published on Tuesday, December 8th, in Op – Ed pages of The New York Times