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Color Theory Online: Studio Communication

There is no telling when or where my students will be logging in to read or watch the class communication.

Teaching Color Theory: Kelli Glancey

Teaching Color Theory in the AAS Program is quite a rewarding experience. For six years now, I have sincerely enjoyed working with students from all majors, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Fashion Studies and Fashion Marketing, helping them to experience color theory and design concepts as fundamental elements of their work. Throughout the semester, students practice […]

Color Theory: Graphic Design

In Fall of 2009, I was given the opportunity to teach Color Theory in the AAS department. I am now a part time faculty member of the School of Art, Media & Technology. Through a broad spectrum of assignments ranging from simple Color-aid studies to more complex paintings and collages, my students gained a thorough […]

Achromatic Master Study

Last semester (Fall 09) Fashion Studies Major Catherine Frakes impressed our Color Theory class with her Achromatic Master Study. The assignment was to choose a SIMPLE composition with clearly defined color relationships, then create an achromatic version of the piece using collage and paint respectively on either half of the page. She choose Hokusai’s “Wave” […]

Thomas Bosket, AAS Graphic Design Coordinator, visits Japan

On a recent visit to Japan our Graphic Design Coordinator Thomas Bosket worked on a student exchange project with Vantan School in Tokyo and Osaka. Professor Bosket was lecturing on color and it’s use in the two cultures looking at daily usage and how we communicate our concerns and needs with one another. Students from […]

We are pleased to announce the addition of four new color theory courses to our program!

The new courses offer fundamental color theory principals, coupled with information and assignments specific to varied areas of interest: Urban Culture, Global Culture, Graphic Design, and Design & Science. Spaces are available, and there are no pre requisites. See your adviser, or register on-line at Alvin today! Postings designed by Ariel Lapidus