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Plastic Arts: Sofi Żezmer at Mike Weiss Gallery

By Paul M. Nicholson

Leedom, 2007

Vice Versa LS1, 2006

Sofi Żezmer‘s post-aesthetic/post-production internal struggle is externalized in her new show “Remote Control” at Mike Weiss Gallery from February 27th to April 3rd. Żezmer is an assemblage artist who works mostly plastic and glass and has put together some fun formal works that show a quirky sort of grace. Viewers will marvel at how well her conglomerations are put together and further how she managed to find so many bits of detritus so closely color matched. When she isn’t relying on the skill of finding things made of red plastic # 67, she manages to create some moderately compelling formal work. Better pieces combine hand cut bent floppy plastic with machine sculpted glass / whatever creating some tension / play between materials: clear plastic versus glass etc. The best remind us of fun science projects gone modern design. Others works completely miss such as her “REM LS1” 2008 pictured below, that looks something like Duchamp’s large glass minus the content or aesthetic success of her other works.

This show is probably worth seeing if you’re walking on the south side of 24th street between 10th and 11th but Don’t panic if you don’t make it, colorful plastic assemblage doesn’t biodegrade so I’m guessing this type of work will be around for the foreseeable future.

REM LS1, 2008

Partial installation shot by the author

The artist’s website:
The Gallery
Mike Weiss Gallery
520 West 24th Street

My favorite Canadian plastic assemblage artist: Brian Jungen
monochrome plastic assemblage local legend from Brooklyn: Tyrome Tripoli