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Our Aluma Molly O’Brien Featured on

Molly O’Brien’s work was selected as part of the February Design Show. Molly is a 2008 graduate of AAS Graphic Design. 

Quote from ArtBistro February Design Show Curator: Brandon Jameson

“I combed through all of the ArtBistro graphic design portfolios to find those included in this show. I found the best pieces quickly rose to the top and that if one piece caught my attention, there were usually others in that person’s portfolio that were also contenders. I was surprised at the number of portfolios labeled “Graphic Design” that had little or no typography. Typography distinguishes graphic design from all other disciplines and a mastery of it is really a key factor in differentiating great designers from the rest. I focused on pieces in which typography is a key element. Of course, type is not the only factor in graphic design. The best designers can pull from all media – photography, illustration, color, pattern, texture, paper, ink, sound, motion, etc. – in the right places, at the right times, to solve communication problems with impact and grace.

In short, I feel that these pieces represent the best graphic design work on ArtBistro today.”

Poster, Sikscreen, '08

Pete Yorn, LP Cover, 2008

Self Promo, Silkscreen, '08