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Learning Interactive Web – on the Web

Chances are, you’ve gotten lost or confused at one time or another in a mall, parking lot, library, museum and thought to yourself, “is it me?”. Most likely not. Someone did a poor job at architecting the building walkways, designing signage or a directory that are illegible or overly complex to understand.  As the famous usability expert, Jeffrey Zeldman, once said: “Great web designs are like great buildings. All office buildings, however distinctive, have lobbies bathrooms and staircases.” What does this mean? WEB DESIGN shares this commonality — design an experience that make people’s lives easier—to help them navigate, engage, and change the way they do and use things for the better.

Guggenheim NYC Floorplan by Lee Cerre


Web design is not just graphic design displayed in a browser window. Like print design, there is the challenge of communicating a brand message to the audience, but on the web  you can’t touch it, smell it, or feel it in your hands. The web facilitates and encourage human activity. This brings the challenge to us as designers to create usable environments that allow people to experience, navigate, learn, and connect with one another.

My name is Jenny Ng, and I’ll be teaching Interactive Web 1, available now for the first time online in our program. Where is a good place to learn about web design? On the web! If you’d like to learn how to create meaningful experiences on the web, whether it’d be to promote your portfolio, sell a product or advocate for a cause, design beautiful information graphics that tell a story, or create a social network — this is the course for you. Here you will apply graphic design principles onto the web, mobile applications and the iPad, as well as learn to become a strategist, information architect and more.

Please note: Interactive Web 1 is a design course. You may also want to check out our Web Design 1 which focuses on the technical aspects of website programming such as HTML/CSS scripting.

Rainforest Exhibit at the Smithsonian by Jillian Fu

Information graphics by Johanna Lobdell

Jazz Fest Website by Colleen Sweeney

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  1. Jay,

    A very informative post. For me Web Designing was, like you mentioned, graphic designing in a browser window. But now, through this post, it is clear that there is much more to it.