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Interactive Web Design 1 Online

The program is offering Interactive Web Design 1 ONLINE once again this Spring (2012). I will be teaching both the classroom as well as the online course. The online version proves to be an excellent format for those who are considering adding an online course to their schedules.

Through structured and step-by-step online methods (though not less intensive) of learning online, students receive detailed instructions every week through video lectures and reading. Assignments and essays are posted online via collaboration tools and blog where everyone benefits fully from discussions and critiques, and sometimes in real time. In this environment, students become even more fluent in the digital language of the web.

The work are centered around usability and user-centered design in the form of websites, information graphics and mobile interfaces—(not bad for first year students!) Rachel Tervenski, Michelle Liv, Ariel Horrall, Wen-Ling Li



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  1. Mary Mac,

    Nice work, indeed. These projects are all particularly successful in their representation of their designer/business; the language is consistent with the existing brand, while the design of each piece itself is thoughtful and unique.