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How Can Typography Help Haiti?

On Thursday, March 11th, the students from my Experimental Typography class and I will present final solutions for the assignment “How Can
Typography Help Haiti?” at MAD (The Museum of Arts and Design.) At the end of the presentation, the audience will vote for the most
successful project which will – in the following weeks – be executed to achieve the ultimate goal: to help Haiti. Please join us. All event proceeds will be donated to Yéle Haiti.

Please spread the word for this good cause by forwarding this invitation or posting it on Facebook.

Pablo Medina
Communication Design
Arts, Media and Technology


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  1. Juliette Cezzar,

    What a fantastic, fantastic idea!
    Alas, I will miss it, but I would love to see the results.

  2. jim wagner,

    awesome idea, pablo. can’t wait to see the concepts.
    all registered and ready.