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history of graphic design online

the online history of graphic design course not only covers graphic design from the caves of lascaux right up to phone apps, but there is also a studio component to the class. here are some examples of work by students in the online course.

this project is based on a designer in the museum of modern art’s permanent collection. each student researches and creates a zine (small publication) based on the designer.


a component of the final presentation involves creating an object that is inspired by a designer. the project above shows the visualization and dissection of the geometric letterform: futura black by paul renner, with light to reveal its inner shape. the student, julie, chose the structures because of their vertical counters. a great split was created in the form and demonstrated not only the dissection of the shapes on either side of the light, but a striking light was formed on the ground. julie wanted to explore the lost connection between the  lines and counters.


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  1. Loving Julie’s type and light interpretation – imaginative.