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history of graphic design: online

a few examples from the final history of graphic design assignment last semester.

each student was asked to look closely at the work of a contemporary designer and create a work ‘inspired by’ but not a copy of theirs.

the best solutions found an intersection between their work/interests and that of their given designer.


eunice hong’s wall paper sample book morning calm “inspired by elements of Korean culture”




taryn paez’s architectural process book

taryn states: “the design was based upon the architecture and research studio Burgeoning. I am working on geometric data sets that showcase space, time, and movement received by the studio. The data sets thus generate a logo representative of geographic movement over a 300 year period, making each logo different in shape and scale, yet identifiable as a cohesive identity.”


janet kim’s consensus magazine

a book on the dialogue between student designers



kristin hodge’s infographics on california wine california exports

the piece also doubles as a mailer for the industry


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  1. Some beautiful projects. It’s impressive to see the work that can happen through an online class. Very inspiring.