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graphic design 2

The graphic design 2 course focuses on design as a visual narrative as well as on understanding how to create pieces that are finished-looking (aka production). Using the principles of design and layout, students solve selling problems by creating original concepts while exploring the use of typography, photography and illustration. This class is a studio class that is structured largely around honing one’s presentation skills through class critiques. We discuss our work in a professional atmosphere and the beautiful thing that I have seen occur time and time again, is that we inspire each other along the way. We explore a broad range of topics, from basic formal design principles, to typography [understanding letter forms, components of letters, color of type, type setting] to more complex aspects of design, such as audience messages and problem solving techniques. In order to help resolve all types of design problems, a focus of this course is fine-tuning one’s own “design process”.

As a graduate of this program (2001) and  a professor in this program, I can attest to not only the strong foundation the AAS Graphic Design program provides you as a designer but to the amazing alumni that have gone on to secure some of the most coveted positions in the industry.

I am very excited to announce that Graphic Design 2 will be offered online next spring. Below are some samples of the Spring 2011 GD2 class. For more GD2 work from previous semesters <<click>>. Enjoy!