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Graphic Design 1 } Online Learning Opportunity

Get in the studio — online with Graphic Design 1. Hi I’m Jonathan Gouthier and I’ll be taking students through the basics of design and even touch upon what is this thing called Graphic Design all within the four walls of your own studio, apartment, home or house boat! We get to dialogue together while learning the ins and outs of the basics in graphic design elements and principles that you’ll put to use off-line before uploading online.

How do we take a cut crystal vase and turn it into a positive/negative poster concept? OR Using strips of newsprint typography and wha-la, it becomes the latest in street zines? And how about learning to solve a visual problem five, yes, I said 5 different ways? Sounds intriguing, then this beginning class is for you. It’s coming this Fall 2011 to a computer screen near you and you don’t even have to get out of your jammies! Now that’s what I call learning in the trenches. I’ve brought a bit of eye candy so you can take a look at the projects other students have completed for this course.

Love Poster By Whitney Hays

Human Puppets by Gregory Cerrato

Tropical Fish by Erin Carey

It all has to start somewhere. And you might as well start at the beginning. This Graphic Design 1 class is for those who have tinkered with type and image on the side and now want to seriously learn about the foundational use of these elements. So, come join me this Fall and discover how design basics can help make your work stronger in the field of design. If you are interested in this course or have more questions, you can contact me at


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  1. Cecilia de Pablo,

    I´d like to know the requirements need for this course and the time will last.
    I also like to know the cost. Thank you for your time.
    Cecilia de Pablo
    Mar del Plata