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Golden Visit

Golden Artist Colors is a family oriented, employee owned paint manufacturer located in upstate New York.  Their products include hundreds of acrylic color, medium, molding paste and digital print ground. On Thursday, May 5, Kasia Gruda, Thomas Bosket and I enjoyed a behind the scenes visit to Golden Paint headquarters in New Berlin, NY. It sits on top of a scenic hill overlooking lush forests and rolling fields.

We got a warm welcome from CEO, Mark and Barbara Golden. We were introduced to their lovely staff and company history. We got a tour of their in house art gallery and custom made storage room where several pieces of their extensive art collection are on display.

Barbara Golden showing the art collection

Down the hall from the art gallery is a room filled with hand painted labels for the Golden acrylic paint bottles. To provide customers with a true representation of color, Sam Golden (founder) started painting the labels with actual swatches of paint. Mark and Barbara continue this tradition and now it is the Golden trademark.

Julia Vallera looking at hand-painted swatches

All the paint, samples and mediums are manufactured on site. We got to see the materials specialist cutting up fresh samples to send to clients. We  got to take some home too!

The tour was followed by a introduction to all the Golden products, how they are used and what makes them unique.

Michael Townsend, Technical Support

Kasia, Tom and I got to play with all the acrylics for the rest of the afternoon! We made paintings, asked questions and learned more than we could ever imagine. Some of our favorite materials from the day were the digital printing inks, interference paint, molding paste and slow drying acrylic.

Julia & Tom testing paints

Mark and Barbara Golden’s generosity and kindness is inspiring and unforgettable. Golden Paint is easy to use, fun to play with and can be  customized to fit your needs! I am a Golden fan for life!

Julia in fromt of the original barn door where it all started


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  1. Christa,

    I’ve never really thought about where the materials we use actualy come from. Its great to get a behind the scense look at one of the locations. I love the wall covered in paint!

  2. Julia, Your visit with Kasia and Tom was inspiring to us all and left us excited about the discoveries to come. We all look forward to your future visits up here and we’ll see the rest of the shop! Warmest regards, Mark