GETTING THERE FROM HERE photos by Julia Gorton at the Glen Ridge Train Station

It’s not easy knowing where you’re going, but whichever way that you are heading, there is always something to see. These photos were taken during the past year; on, of and from various types of transportation. Many were taken on my commute to teach my Graphic Design 1 class. It’s often said that it’s the journey, not the destination but in the case of teaching at Parsons it really is both!


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  1. Mary Mac,

    Nice, Julia! What a fabulous idea–and such nice photos!

  2. Scott Lizama,

    Love ’em all, but that Central Line London photo is excellent! Nice job!

  3. Katarzyna Gruda,

    Congratulations Julia! Great pix!

  4. Rodrigo Saiani,

    I remember seeing beatiful landscapes on my way to the annual J Gorton’s house party! Are te pictures available online?