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Alex W. White’s GD1 Exercise No.1 in 11th floor cases


Alex W White GD1 studies Fall 2011

Alex W. White reports These are a few samples of the work my GD1 students produced in their first exercise. The assignment had two parts: abstracting a relatively ordinary, representational black and white image using materials that related to or furthered the meaning of the subject of the image. The second part was to relate a three-level typographic hierarchy of a pair of homophones (or heterographs,which I did not previously know was an alternative name), the definitions of the homophones, and a brief statement by the designer on what the connection is between the words and image. The greatest design challenge, the students learned, was giving the type a treatment that made it look like it belonged with that particular image.

The students and I invite you to take a minute or two to visit the 11th floor cases before October 28 to see these and other studies.

Top row: Maria Rose, Jasmine Kounang; Bottom row: Emilie Delarge, Evan Schlomann


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  1. larissa,

    These cover inspire me to do the same assignment I believe the balance of these covers are well put together, i always had a hard time mixing color with black and white images but I will certainly try this technique.