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February at the Type Directors Club


Kalligraphos: Experimental Calligraphy

Yomar Augusto
Fri: 26 Feb; 8:30am to Sat: 27 Feb; 6:00pm


Kalligraphos is a two-day, experimental-calligraphy workshop at the TDC. Kalligraphos takes people away from the computer screen to explore the art of drawing letters by hand–as a means of improving technique, focusing creative energy, and stimulating personal graphic research. >> More information


Type Salon: Your Client is Your Worst Enemy

Eric Baker, Rodrigo Corral, and Fernando Music
Thu: 18 Feb: 6-8:30 pm

client as enemy

They’ll withhold your money. They’ll stomp all over your ideas. They’ll make you want to scream. Designers beware: Clients from hell are on the loose! >> More information

The Society of Scribes in cooperation with the Type Directors Club presents: Tony Di Spigna On Typographics and Spencerian

Tony Di Spigna
Wed: 24 Feb; 6-8:30 pm


Tony Di Spigna was born on the Island of Ischia, Italy and is a graduate of New York City Community College and Pratt Institute. Tony was a partner in the legendary studio of Lubalin Associates where he worked on all aspects of visual communication and graphic design. >> More information

Posted by: Charles Nix
President, Type Directors Club