Faculty, Jonathan Gouthier’s studio, WITH is published in Novum Magazine

March 2010

Jonathan Gouthier, AAS graphic design professor has been published in a studio spotlight within the March 2010 issue of Novum magazine. Below is an excerpt from the article. The entire issue can be found on the shelves of the Gimbel Art & Design Library.

Brand expert, Jonathan Gouthier likes to take a more playful approach in his talks with ­customers, to find out more about what makes them tick. He is always ­interested in the personality behind the job – so we are not surprised to find a rich mixture of clients for his »brand collective«, from marriage guidance counselors to famous fashion labels.

What animal are you today? What animal would you like to become? — These are the questions we ask when we start to work with a client. The clients, of course, have a bit of fun answering, says Jonathan Gouthier. What we try to do with them is to discover the values that can bring individual stories to life visually.

And it seems that is exactly what the designer does. Whether it’s a studio for relationship guidance or the re-branding of a fashion label – with well-tailored communication strategies and elegant graphic appeal, Gouthier suits apt expression to is client’s desires.