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Color Wheelz: Part 2.0

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Color Wheelz: Part 2.0
Saturday March 20, 11AM – 5PM
(see map above for detailed locations)

– Eastern Parkway (near grand army plaza) 11:00am-1:00pm
– Fort Green Park 1:30pm – 3:00pm
– Red Hook Ball fields 3:30 pm – 5:00pm

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Join us for another color wheelz adventure this Saturday. Despite all the rain last weekend, Color Wheelz opened its doors for participation. We were delayed for most of the time due to constant downpours, but we managed to do some experiments. Check out images here. We have more work to do and we need your true colors to shine through…. so put your lab coat on and swing by!

P.S. If you have any old mixed tapes please bring them. Color Wheelz has a cassette player we can play them on.


Color Wheelz is designed to transform a 1997 Ford van into a traveling, participatory installation. This van travels through the five boroughs of NYC filled with playful activities, which facilitate exploration into the world of color. As a visitor, you may customize the inside and outside of the van by manipulating an array of color related items. These items include glowing neon wire, cling paper, velcro shapes, magnets and projections. You can turn on neon wire, cut shapes out of cling paper, apply velcro to the seats and walls and choose from an assortment of colorful images to be projected onto the interior. Consider the color of objects that surround you, such as buildings, people, clothes, food and nature. Use these observations to inspire color patterns and designs that represent your current environment. Once the van is customized, it travels to a different location. Visitors in this location see Color Wheelz as a representation of where it came from and can re-design its appearance. Meet us at one of our locations to participate in this funfilled exploration and be sure let us how you think color relates to culture, communication and perception.

Results are documented through photographs, video, interviews and voice recordings. The event is publicized and published on the official website , facebook and twitter.