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Color Wheelz is heading to the Super G!

Color Wheelz is heading to Greensboro, North Carolina to do an artist residency at the Super G starting June 4 – June 18 2011. We will be doing lots of colorful projects that involve the community, local art students and middle school art students. All of the projects are interactive and will be open to the public. Some examples are listed below. Stay tuned for updates and information.

Do you have scraps, junk or recyclables that you don’t want any more? If so, please donate them to Color Wheelz! We will turn them into a colorful public art installation in Greensboro, NC.

Starting June 4, you can donate to your stuff directly to artist in residence, Julia Vallera. She is located at the vender booths behind the Super G grocery store on West Market Street.

More about her project below……

Color Wheelz presents RECYCOLOR

What: Open call for any scraps and junk you DON’T want anymore!
Why: We are turning these donated items into a colorful public art piece for the Greensboro community.
When: June 4 – June 18
How: Go into Super G walk to the back where the vendors booths are and drop your stuff off at the “Color Wheelz” booth.

Scraps may include papers, plastics, fabric, glass, clean wrappers, clean containers, clean metals, toys, stuffed animals, etc.

If you have any questions please contact