Color Theory Online: Studio Communication

In the time I have spent teaching Color Theory online through AAS at Parsons, I have brought a wide array of recorded audio and video to bear on the students in addition to our weekly back-and-forth in the class discussion forums. There is no telling when or where my students will be logging in to read or watch the class communication. Discussions happen asynchronously and so I try and give the students varied information and easy references to go back to for future exercises.

Part of our course deals with traditional paint and pigment mixing, so teaching students to paint for the first time can be interesting when done solely through the internet. I use quick Youtube video painting tutorials for initial guidelines for the traditional tools and through the weeks I embed audio MP3 files for weekly critiques of projects. The variation of text, audio, and visual creates a more complete explanation of the color concepts covered in the Color Theory course.

Youtube links to painting tutorials:

Painting & Mixing Tutorial 1

Painting & Mixing Tutorial 2

Painting & Mixing Tutorial 3

Hyo Jin Kim created this detailed painting of two views of the same street corner at different times of the day using different monochromatic sets of colors. Online Color Theory, Spring 2010


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  1. Acua,

    I am an art student and I’m currently learning color theory. Are your video accessible for students so we can watch your lecture at home?

  2. Chris Hagerty,

    Indeed, the course is generally available through the New School in the Fall and Spring terms.
    The best place to check on class availability is with the New School registrar.


  3. Zelmi,

    Hi, I would like to know if this course is still open.

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