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Learning book binding online

Since last fall I have been developing and teaching a ‘Process and Skills’ online class for graphic designers. It has been an opportunity to reflect on my teaching practice and evolve with new educational digital tools. I have taught this class on campus for several years. The syllabus, created by Katarzyna  Gruda, is very hands […]

Process and Skills Course: Online or On-site, what is the difference?

It might seem surprising at first but there is no critical difference between the online and the on-site Process and Skills classes. Both classes follow a similar syllabus and students work on the same projects. Online Process and Skills class is an intensive hands on class where students learn essential graphic design skills through a […]

Interactive Web Design 1 Online

The program is offering Interactive Web Design 1 ONLINE once again this Spring (2012). I will be teaching both the classroom as well as the online course. The online version proves to be an excellent format for those who are considering adding an online course to their schedules. Through structured and step-by-step online methods (though […]

history of graphic design: online

a few examples from the final history of graphic design assignment last semester. each student was asked to look closely at the work of a contemporary designer and create a work ‘inspired by’ but not a copy of theirs. the best solutions found an intersection between their work/interests and that of their given designer.   […]

Traveling the world in my online class

This is my first semester teaching Process and Skills online. I have taught this class on campus for over three years. It has been challenging but interesting to rethink my course in this new context. One very exciting aspect of my online class is the diversity of locations of the students and how it impacts […]

graphic design 2

The graphic design 2 course focuses on design as a visual narrative as well as on understanding how to create pieces that are finished-looking (aka production). Using the principles of design and layout, students solve selling problems by creating original concepts while exploring the use of typography, photography and illustration. This class is a studio […]

Learning Interactive Web – on the Web

Chances are, you’ve gotten lost or confused at one time or another in a mall, parking lot, library, museum and thought to yourself, “is it me?”. Most likely not. Someone did a poor job at architecting the building walkways, designing signage or a directory that are illegible or overly complex to understand.  As the famous usability […]

Graphic Design 1 } Online Learning Opportunity

Get in the studio — online with Graphic Design 1. Hi I’m Jonathan Gouthier and I’ll be taking students through the basics of design and even touch upon what is this thing called Graphic Design all within the four walls of your own studio, apartment, home or house boat! We get to dialogue together while […]

A brief introduction to Portfolio & Process online

This fall, I’ll be teaching Portfolio & Process as an online course. I know online classes are off-putting for some students, but I think in this case it’s a good fit. Whether it’s via email, PDF, or the web, personal promotion primarily takes place on the internet — so when it comes to your portfolio, […]