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Why do we draw the figure?

Editor | Grace Burney The human body holds the essence of LIFE. Its spirit can be deciphered with a soft touch, or a powerful mark, and its flesh, by a twist of the wrist. Without the exacting symmetry, so often found in man made objects, figure drawing allows for a basic human desire – freedom […]

Gesture Drawing

Editor | Thomas Bosket Gesture is used to understand movement and the forces at play in an object (or situation). These works are all by students in the AAS GD program at Parsons. The one above is a five minute gesture by Tyler Rubin.                   These two […]

Drawing the egg: In the classroom with Grace Burney

A typical drawing class revolves around the use of line. Vital as a tool for personal expression, line facilitates thinking, adds movement, and delineates shape and structure. So why–by my second class–are the students drawing without line? Simply put, if the intention is to create illusion, there is no line. To make an object appear real […]