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Contributor | Jeanne Verdoux

I will be a jury member for this poster competition amongst an international panel of designers. This event will lead to online shows and exhibitions around the world.  Deadline : April 30, 2012 at midnight

Send in your designs here:

About the competition: In the midst of economic, social and climate concerns, in the aftermath of the Arab Spring and the Occupy Movement and on the eve of key elections worldwide, we are entering a year polarized by the “99” and “1” inequalities. More than ever before, graphic designers have a historic role to participate in a global campaign to generate solutions for a constructive future. We are calling on you to conceive a poster that will address some of today’s central issues:

EXPRESS THE CONCERNS of today’s 99%—the foundation of any society and yet so strained to exist.
PROPOSE IDEAS  that can enrich and improve life for all.
ENGAGE THE 1% to promote a constructive dialogue and a return of wealth where it belongs.

Together, we aim to reclaim both the streets and established exhibit institutions. Our audience will be the 100%: our peers, politicians, business leaders, educators, friends and families. take action by design!