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history of graphic design: online

a few examples from the final history of graphic design assignment last semester. each student was asked to look closely at the work of a contemporary designer and create a work ‘inspired by’ but not a copy of theirs. the best solutions found an intersection between their work/interests and that of their given designer.   […]

gd3 redesigns the train schedule: faculty christine moog

gd3 students were asked to redesign the MTA train schedule. they had to use all of the information on the current schedule and create a new, improved schedule. two examples are below: then, after creating a legible, functioning piece, they were asked to reinterpret the schedule with a post-modern twist. the result was exciting and […]

history of graphic design online

the online history of graphic design course not only covers graphic design from the caves of lascaux right up to phone apps, but there is also a studio component to the class. here are some examples of work by students in the online course. this project is based on a designer in the museum of […]